Slow Down Time by Talking to God

In the midst of this all this chaos that is what my life feels to be, I can become full of anxiety, stress, and never able to fully decompress, it is the life I lead. I feel like I didn’t choose this life, but it is the life that I had been dealt, where I’ve gambled so much for mere shillings. What am I left with other than what needs to be dealt with, as each passing moment goes by, whatever it is that I am holding on to, I need to let it go. He takes my burdens, all that I have received from friends, families, and even my own. This is only one of an unfathomable number of  reasons, where talking to God really helps my situation. This is my decompress time.

When watching TV shows, I get into the fictional characters lives’ and I take on their burdens as well. So, I think this is my only outlet besides, sleep. And in this time of prayer and meditation, I am able to think through my day and maybe even weeks.. since I last talked to You. I’m not ashamed of that, but I also know You have been waiting for me. Let me come to You and let me tell you all the things that weigh heavy on my heart, but also not withholding what delights my heart. Let me not have to count the ways that You have provided insight to decisioning the right choices. I don’t always consult to Your advice, but when I do come forward to You, You provide me space. Clear-minded-ness.

Slow Down Time? Maybe no, but consider this, certainly a peace of mind which therein lies a space that stands still, a place so beautiful where treasured decisions and people in my heart and mind are all trophies on the wall (not like I conquered, but more like a picture frame on the mantle). It’s also a place where every scar, scab, and bleeding open wound stare me down, looking in, I can say that I starred right back, because You’re my Yuen Wo Ping, in Fist of Legend.
Fist of Legend 1994 Fight scene [ HD ]

Modern Day Slavery: Human Sex Trafficking

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have an introduction with an organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska called, Tiny Hands. They are a relatively new organization created in 2004 that started with housing and educating orphaned kids who had been left to fend for themselves in Nepal. When the founders of Tiny Hands visited Nepal for I’m not so sure what reason, but perhaps just to visit such a beautiful location of natural majestic views? They also came across a severe problem of homeless kids. These kids with no adult supervision or guidance or mentorship, often had to resort to selling drugs or selling themselves as sex objects in order to survive. This broke the hearts of the founders of Tiny Hands, that when they returned home, to Nebraska, they came up with a way to go back to Nepal with a mission to build housing and a first rate school, which they are in process of completing. They currently operating out of a temporary solution for housing and schooling.

But homeless children is one thing, Nepal in general is quite an impoverished Nation, with their citizens earning $450 USD / annually. There continue to be many other children who were/are not homeless, but were/are living in poverty; there traffickers would go into Nepal to establish relationships with girls/boys and their families, and promise them jobs or marriage outside the country for a better life, where  “soon” in the future, money would then be flowing back into the household.

Little did/do the people of Nepal know, these were/are just lies and deception to take the child away, only to be sold into sex slavery where these girls/boys are forced to perform sexual acts 30-40 times a day, often leading to the contraction of HIV/AIDS. Tiny Hands saw this, and so they further developed their program in 2009, in attempt to stop the export of humans for use in the sex slave trade.

And since then, they have had an amazing effective result. Tiny Hands have been able to stop an export of one person every hour, in Nepal. Tiny Hands has also established locations in 2 other places, with already a pilot program well on its way to becoming a 4th location, maybe. In one of their other countries of which they are established, has been able to stop the export two persons every hour.

With being able to stop the trafficking completely from ever even happening, allows Tiny Hands to return the child back into their country of origin to reunite with their families, currently a 95{14e397fbcb74521cc9b4cd080bf73185ac79ce7bee3b54e0c8496b566115eb06} reacceptance rate. This is so remarkable! Not only have they developed a very effective system, it is also quite efficient! It only costs $100 USD to save one child. $100 USD to save the life of one person, is pretty amazing to me.

Tiny Hands has a lofty goal to setup more border stations in 10 more countries in the next 5 years. They have a rigorous 11 point process by which they research and pilot new countries to work in. They work with the local organizations, law enforcement, and the government of each of the countries in which they work in. So, saving people from ever entering into sex slavery is one thing, but prosecuting offenders is the 2nd point of which Tiny Hands have been roughly 50{14e397fbcb74521cc9b4cd080bf73185ac79ce7bee3b54e0c8496b566115eb06} successful as well.

In order for Tiny Hands to be able to continue to live out this “anti-trafficking” dream, they are seeking support for their efforts. I heard from, Andrew S. of Tiny Hands, that if you are able to give $100/month, you will also get emails and updates with pictures of the person you sponsored to be intercepted. Tiny Hands appears to be an incredibly transparent organization, being ECFA Accredited as well.

Indeed, there are other organizations and individuals that focus on “rescuing” those that are already caught in the web of slavery, Tiny Hands is not that organization.

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